Join us for our Speculative Fiction Reading Salon

Why speculative fiction? Speculative fiction has for decades highlighted, critiqued, and troubled advances in science and technology, recognized and explored gender fluidity, advocated for social justice and heralded the ‘post-human’ in its varied manifestations – cultural, biological, and technological. 

Speculative thought allows readers and thinkers to consider the past, present, and future otherwise. 

Academics, students and staff interested in speculative literature, science fiction, STEM imaginaries, and the ethics and politics of literary ‘worldings’ are welcome to join. 

The texts we will be reading in the first 6 months of the salons will prioritize Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, women, trans & non-binary authors of speculative fiction.

Upcoming texts include:

  • February 6th Terra Nullius (by Claire Coleman)
  • March 5th The Marrow Thieves (by Cherie Dimaline)
  • April 2nd An Unkindness of Ghosts (by Rivers Solomon)
  • May 7th Binti (by Nnedi Okorafor)
  • June 4thFrankissstein (by Jenette Winterson)
  • July 2ndFull Metal Indigiqueer (by Joshua Whitehead)

Please purchase or borrow the book from the library. If they’re not in the library, tell the library to order them!

To sign up please contact Dr. Sarah E. Truman