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An Australian Research Council funded DECRA grant held by A/Prof Sarah E. Truman. The project (December 2022 - December 2025) focuses on speculative fiction as an interdisciplinary method for thinking about the world and mode of literary engagement in diverse pedagogical settings.

Speculative Futures:

  • foregrounds youth speculative fiction writing in three geographies (Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom);

  • features writings by transdisciplinary scholars who use speculative fiction to think about their own research;

  • provides a literature review of speculative fiction (see below) on the project's themes based on participants' suggestions.

Researcher on Project

"Sarah E. Truman is an Associate Professor at University of Melbourne whose research focuses on English literary education, cultural studies, and the arts. Dr. Truman is co-director of the Literary Education Lab, and one half of Oblique Curiosities. Dr Truman’s most recent book is Feminist Speculations and the Practice of Research-Creation (Routledge, 2022)."

Sarah E. Truman

University of Melbourne - ARC DECRA Fellow

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June 13th, 2023
Public Keynote by Professor Kathryn Yusoff

June 14th, 2023
All-Day Symposium with:
Dr. Sandra Muse Isaacs
Professor Kathryn Yusoff
and Reading Climate Team

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