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Australian Research Council funded Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) held by Dr. Sarah E. Truman. The project (2022-2025) focuses on speculative and science fiction as a method for thinking critically about the world and proposing different futures on the themes of technology, climate, and social justice.

The project foregrounds youth writing in metropolitan and mining communities in three countries (Australia, Canada, and Wales); features interdisciplinary discussions by authors and cultural theorists who use speculative thought in their research; and provides an online repository of speculative fiction on the project themes.

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"Sarah E. Truman is an interdisciplinary scholar whose interests intersect with English literary education, cultural studies, and the arts. Dr. Truman is co-director of the Literary Education Lab; co-Director of WalkingLab, and one half of Oblique Curiosities. Dr Truman’s most recent book is Feminist Speculations and the Practice of Research-Creation (Routledge, 2022)."

Sarah E. Truman

University of Melbourne - ARC DECRA Fellow

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